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  Last updated:  Sunday, July 28, 2002 02:02:22 PM (Eastern)  

2002 Season

  • 2002 Draft: Sunday, August 25th, 6p (CT)
    • 6p in Austin
    • 7p in Boston
    • 4p in Vegas
  • Draft uses AOL IM: make sure you get it installed prior to draft
  • 2002 Keeper Costs (it's an Excel spreadsheet)
  • Bookmark the Austin Keeper League now at, which we'll use for managing teams during the season.  This allows online changes to teams without having to contact the Commish!  The site you are currently on WILL NOT be the site you use to manage your team.  The site you are currently on will be kept as an archive.
  • Yes, the above league has some setting up still to be done.
  • We have to vote on the 6 items below.  Please review and be ready for a vote within the next 2 weeks.

Suggested Rule Changes for 2002:

  1. Max 5 Keepers: Allow only 5 kept players total including Franchise Player.  Puts more players into the draft pool.
  2. Free Agents Cost a 7th: Currently, a free agent costs a 12th round pick.  Increase this cost to a 7th round pick.  Puts more players into the draft pool.
  3. No Future Picks Trades:  This ends trading a player this year for a draft pick next year.  It is still allowed to trade players for picks in the off-season.
  4. No trades on draft day without vote: These need to be approved like any other trade.
  5. Three-minute Draft Limit: You have to participate in the draft or make previous arrangements.  There will be a 3 minute time limit per pick.  After 3 minutes the next team can submit a pick ahead of you.  Both teams are on the clock, but it's whoever gets their pick in first.
  6. Five Votes to Overturn Commissioner: If there is a dispute and a vote is needed, those owners directly involved in the dispute cannot vote. It must be a majority of owners not directly involved.  In the case of 2 owners involved, the opposition will need 5 votes to overrule a decision by the Commissioner.



2002 Draft Order

  1. Gary

  2. Scott

  3. Clint

  4. Mark

  5. Sean

  6. Paul

  7. Paul (from Keith)

  8. Motis

  9. Matt

  10. Robert (Champ)


2001 Keepers by draft spot